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Hi, I'm Alicia!


Challenges have always caused me to look at myself and answer the question “who am I?” Each time I had to adjust to a new stage of life, I needed to decide who I’d be in that moment. I came to learn if I could do the work ahead of time by getting my emotions in check, remember who I am and live this way intentionally, I could overcome any obstacle or challenge that came my way. 

One of my greatest and earliest challenges was growing up with a vision impairment called Nystagmus, which is characterized by uncontrollable eye movements. At that time, the doctors didn’t know much about it and there was no way of correcting my 20/100 vision, so they just put me in glasses, even though they didn’t help me see. I had to figure out how to overcome this barrier to live a full life. Fortunately, I had allies, like my cousin, who would walk with me and let me know when I should say hi to someone who was walking across the street. I spent my childhood living like a fully-sighted child, even though I could not even see the board at school. Besides my lack of balance and re-introducing myself to the same people over and over, I didn’t appear visually impaired — which has been both a blessing and a curse. 

Another challenge I faced was becoming a teenage mother. Thank God I had a wonderful and supportive family that helped me so that I was able to graduate from high school, work and go to college.

I continued on to break barriers throughout my life, paving the way for others and accomplishing many firsts, like being the first in my family to get a degree, being the first manager to excel at managing a Cantonese language team (without even speaking the language) and becoming the first female pastor at my church and the first African American to pastor the American Lutheran Congregation in Oslo, Norway, just to name a few! 

I spent over 20 years leading technology teams at Fortune 500, startup and non-profit companies in Silicon Valley, before I made a career change in 2006 and began my journey as a clinical therapist in California. 

Then in 2013, I moved to Norway, following my husband. To prepare, I researched the area, schools, jobs, where to shop, etc., but soon after arriving, I realized I wasn’t prepared for what was to come — feeling disconnected and like I didn’t fit in within this new surrounding and culture. I found myself questioning who I was and what I wanted to do. I also experienced racism and racial bias which left me feeling rejected, frustrated and alone. I took a job at the Embassy and volunteered locally to try and get to know the culture and language, but still struggled to be authentically myself, feel like I belonged and that I had something to contribute.

My continued optimism and quest for solutions ultimately led me to connecting on a deeper level with myself and who I was prior to relocating, as well as finding others like me and listening to their stories. This journey of uncovering my strengths allowed me to step into who I was and be seen. I wasn’t afraid anymore. I started a company with the concept of leveraging technology to predict emotional wellbeing and provide solutions. I was now operating within my giftedness and was living my purpose. 

In 2020, after seven years of living abroad, I returned to the states. The culmination of my life experiences and the challenges I’ve overcome have given me a passion for inclusion, bridging cultural divides and bringing people and ideas together. It’s now my mission to improve the lives of many across the world by helping them “Authentigrate”—uncovering who they authentically are and helping them live intentionally and unapologetically in connection with others. 

 Certified Transformational Trainer & Speaker, Lisa Nichols, USA

of Philosophy (MPhil)—University of Oslo, Norway

Master of Arts (MA) in Marriage & Family Therapy—Western Seminary, USA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, California (MFC 52857)

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Theology & Leadership—William Jessup University, USA

Associate of Science (AS) in Management Information Systems—University of Phoenix, USA

At Authentigrate, we can help you overcome feeling lost, alone and like your life is on hold while living in a new culture and tap into your authenticity, so you can connect intentionally and live in harmony with yourself and those around you