Designed to increase your self-awareness, Authentigrate Courses help you leverage your strengths, talents and experiences, so you can grow exponentially and intentionally

Your Best Year Yet Two-Day Challenge

You are a successful, high performer who puts everybody first and you want more.  More knowledge of yourself. More Certainty. More YOU

You're invited to create your best year yet I challenge YOU!

Authentigrate: An Ultimate Handbook To Navigate New Cultures Online Course

Go deeper in your journey abroad.

This course accompanies the book, Authentigrate, The Ultimate Handbook to Navigate New Cultures. At some point during the process of building a new life in a new culture, country or life stage change, everyone will find themselves wondering, “What happened, who am I, and is this all there is?’ If you’ve ever felt the strain of trying to balance different identities or the confusion of transitioning from different phases or places, you need Authentigrate.

Virtual Masterclass Fall 2023

Live Authentically & Unapologetically Wherever You Are in The World

What every person must know when moving to a new country or culture! Experience a LIVE Masterclass, with a juicy LIVE Q&A session, so make sure to carve out time on your calendar now! Join us for a free, live event with hosts Alicia Partee and Walaa Abuelmagd to learn about living authentically and unapologetically as you navigate your journey through integrating into a new culture or country.

Harmony Course JUn2023

Be empowered by your inner journey to your most authentic self.

We’ll cover: The Composer—Rediscovering your unique heartbeat, The Choir—How your abilities and personality work together to create harmony in your life, The Musicians—Reviewing how everything you’ve encountered along the way can point you toward your melody and Your Melody—Understanding your rhythm and intentionally living in harmony with yourself.

Your First 100 Days Course

The crucial timeframe: Your First 100 Days.

You’ve researched the area, schools, neighborhoods, churches, etc. but what about the human aspect—what is needed inwardly for you to share who you are within the new culture you’re living in? We’ll cover: Culture Shock, Bridging Cultures, Professional Network Development and everything else needed to Authentigrate.

Each course includes access to its own exclusive community of Authentigrators, where you can connect with global companions and interactively share and discuss your progress throughout the course