How to Thrive No Matter What or Where

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Few changes in life are more traumatic than moving overseas into a new culture. Authentigrate will show you how to find and be your truest self so that your mind, body and soul can gracefully weather any culture shock or life transition. Learn the essential steps necessary to fully Authentigrate in whatever location your life circumstances have you and live authentically and unapologetically — first within yourself and then have the courage to share that in deep connection with those around you.

Excerpt from the book

The Introduction

“There I stood. Tears streamed down my face. My question to the woman in the mirror was, What happened? Where along this journey did you forget who you are? The song “Who am I” played in my head like clanging cymbals without a conductor.

It had been three years since I left everything familiar back in California in 2013 and moved to Norway. My husband, who had been a pastor for nearly 30 years at the time, was offered a job as Senior Chaplain at Ila Prison in the small town of Eiksmaraka, outside of Oslo. He was very excited to take it, as it was the job he wanted to retire doing. He said yes, we said yes, packed most of our life in a large container, and flew across the Atlantic. I don’t believe we left a single warm sweater or jacket behind. But I think I lost some of my soul on the journey. We all do, don’t we? The soul is a little like skin. We don’t realize it, but with every turn in life, we shed some, we grow some, and we grow into some. 

I had a few new identities to wear in Norway—student of a new language and culture, immigrant (never would I have imagined), and a “trailing spouse” (who even created this term?). I was ready for the challenges to come.

Challenges have always caused me to look at myself and answer the question, “Who am I?” Each time I had to adjust to a new stage of life, I needed to decide who I’d be in that moment. I came to learn if I could do the work ahead of time by getting my emotions in check, remembering who I am, and living this way intentionally, I could overcome any obstacle or challenge that comes my way.