At Authentigrate, we can help you overcome feeling lost, alone and like your life is on hold while living in a new culture and tap into your authenticity, so you can connect intentionally and live in harmony with yourself and those around you

Hi, I’m Alicia

I’ve spent my life overcoming setbacks and challenges—while breaking barriers along the way. I’ve led technology teams for over twenty years at Fortune 500, startup and non-profit companies in Silicon Valley, before making a career change to clinical therapy in 2006. I’ve seen and experienced quite a bit during that time. However in 2013, when I followed my husband to Norway, I found myself in a new reality—no longer being “somebody” like I was back home. Feeling frustrated, alone and wanting desperately to be seen and accepted for who I was, I went on a quest for solutions. I was able to connect on a deeper level with myself, uncovering my strengths and allowing my authentic self to once again be seen. That discovery process led me to the realization there are many just like me and it’s why I created Authentigrate—a global program designed to help others live authentically while integrating in any new culture they find themselves, so they can uncover who they truly are and live in genuine connection with others.

We are created for connection. We need your uniqueness and you need ours. When we can be authentically ourselves and integrate into our surroundings we become better together.

Authentigrate, The Book

Releasing May 21, 2022—World Day of Culture and Diversity

Everything you need to know about successfully managing your move to a new culture or traveling to a new country, Authentigrate offers essential direction to finding joy and peace in all of the adventures that being in a new surrounding brings.


Learning to increase your self-awareness by rediscovering your passions, strengths, personality and experiences is key to self-actualization and thriving in a new situation, culture or country. Authentigrate Courses offer supporting private Facebook groups for further connection, encouragement and results.


Offering a wide array of speaking engagements and workshops, I bring my varied expertise in personal and professional development, as well as unique insights from decades of working with teams and organizations, so they have the tools necessary to thrive living abroad.


Connect with internationally-minded people in an increasingly borderless society through various Authentigrate Events. From webinars and workshops to international getaways, learning how to Authentigrate has never been more fun and inspiring.

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